Stowe Find Yours

In 2006 I helped introduce Stowe Mountain Resorts to online marketing. I led an effort to shift some of the winter marketing focus as part of a great, new re-branding effort. That first year, we added Google Adwords and rich media advertising through Point Roll. In this geo-targeted campaign, we increased key business metrics by as much as 50%.

The banner, really a microsite posing as a banner, included a game "Find Your Line." Besides growing the business, it garnered a Best Rich Media Ad for Travel in the Internet Advertising Competition and won a MITX Award for best travel site, the only banner in the competition.

Stowe Find Yours Game

Topping that was the challenge for year two. In fact, Stowe encouraged us to completely shift to digital for winter 2007-08. I helped lead the effort by increasing search and adding Yahoo to the mix, and expanding the online advertising to include key ad networks.

For the creative I noticed, from the secondary research conducted at the resort, what I called the WOM gap: 75% of all guests said they'd recommend Stowe to a friend, but only 30% did so.

Stowe I Found It

We developed a new rich media advertising creative, this time focused on the concept of "I Found It" at Stowe. We let people personalize the banner by uploading pics and pass it along. We also included a Stowe Stories contest to grow the database.

This time our key metric grew by 100%, and the banner took another Best Rich Media Ad at the IAC, and silvers both at Travel Magazine's Magellan Awards and the W3 Awards.

This was part of the work I did while at Kelliher Samets Volk. The Stowe rebranding was some of the best work ever to come out of the agency.

Stowe Pass Along