Merchants Bank: Digital Strategy and Marketing
Merchants Bank is Vermont's largest independent bank. It might seem that with the other big area banks getting purchased by larger out-of-state institutions keeping up digitally would be a challenge for Merchants. Instead, they used the same speed, flexibility and personal decision making that they use in their day-to-day banking business to prepare their bank for the 21st century.

Digalicious worked with local brand firm Cottage 10 to re-energize and launch digital marketing platforms that allow Merchants to connect with a more digitally connected consumers and businesses.

We started by creating Vermont Matters, a microsite that allowed us to tell the story of the Merchants Bank through its customers and employees. We used the site to do some crowdsourcing as well; the customers decided some of the marketing promotions for offline events.

Vermont Matters took Interactive Best of Show at the FCS awards in 2010.

Vermont Matters Site

We then moved on to revamping the main Web site,, including:

Merchants Bank Modal Window

Merchants Bank Locations Page

Our next step was to move into Mobile. We created designs for the mobile banking app from Intuit. After that we created a Mobile Web site for iPhones and Androids. The mobile Web site used the same CMS as the Web site for consolidated content updates. Now it didn't matter what device you used, Merchants Bank could serve you anywhere, any time.

Mobile Web Home Page Mobile Web FAQ

We continued our connections to the connected customer by creating an HTML 5 iPad version of Vermont Matters, so the bank's internal team could use their iPads to show our stories and illustrate and differentiate our product offerings to customers, in the branches or out in the field.

To support all of this, we ran a number of different rich media banner campaigns as well as paid search. This year, we're using a pay-per-engagement model for our video rich media campaign that allows us to leverage our video stories to drive traffic for commercial banking.

Say Media Expandable Ad

Merchants Bank may not be the biggest bank in Vermont, but it's ahead of its competitors. That's because it focused on how its customers use digital channels today while committing to delivering the best utility and experience.